Today we announced the closing of a $15 million Series B funding round, led by existing investors Foundry Group and RRE, along with new investor Amasia and participation from You & Mr Jones. This is a great vote of confidence in our team and our disruptive business model, as we continue on our journey to bring transparency to the […]Read More

In conjunction with CEO Ari Paparo’s visit to the UK and speaking at the IAB Interact event, TheDrum published an insightful Q&A dramatically titled “Beeswax CEO Ari Paparo eyes EU expansion, counters claims of ‘the adpocalypse’“. Showing off his deep vocabulary skills: “We envisage a potentially big market for bespoke bidding solutions in Europe” And […]Read More

Beeswax CEO Ari Paparo has a short but useful post about the challenges to building a sustainable ad tech ecosystem, especially in Europe: The key question we should ask is: “How do we encourage creativity and innovation in an industry that is consolidating and where the cost of doing business is increasing?” If you are […]Read More

Not one, but two podcasts featuring our CEO @aripap came out in the past weeks. In this AdExchanger podcast with Zach Rodgers, topics including the future of Snap’s advertising business as well as a detailed overview of Beeswax’s business. Meanwhile, in the Happens in Ad Ops podcast, he makes a moral argument about why dynamic […]Read More

“For advertisers, controlling the appearance and placement of their display advertising is always a key goal. Walled gardens fragment this control into multiple technology systems, causing, in the best-case scenario, more work to maintain a similar level of control. In a worst-case scenario, certain techniques advertisers believe to be important to their advertising simply no […]Read More

Our friends at Ad-Juster have announced Beeswax integration into their platform. Ad-Juster allows customers to get integrated reporting across multiple ad tech platforms, so this integration makes it easy to compare campaign performance and spend across Beeswax and whatever other platforms customers use. Read more over at the Ad-Juster blog.Read More

After a couple of years working in shared space, it’s great to have our own place! Beeswax just moved into our new offices right in the heart of Flatiron. We have enough space to more than double our staff in the coming year, so if you’re interested in what we’re doing, check our our jobs […]Read More

Beeswax is proud to have been selected by the prestigious Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) as one of a small group of ad tech vendors to their ARF Innovators A-List. Here’s what they said in the announcement: The 32 companies on Innovators A-List were selected from an application pool of 85. These companies have created scalable, […]Read More

Looks like some enterprising customers of ours wrote a handy node.js wrapper for the Beeswax BUZZ API. Buzz is our REST API for campaign management and reporting. Check out the beeswax-client project: More