Business Insider has published a series of articles highlighting the experiences of Ram, Shamim and Ari as we grew Beeswax in the early days. Ah, the memories: Our obsession with whiteboards How we named our company Why we started the company and left cushy jobs at Google How we reduce time spent in meetingsRead More

I’ve been working in ad-tech for most of my career, most recently a 7-year stint with Sizmek as GM of Americas, doubling the organization’s customer footprint and tripling revenue to over $100mm. We often joke about ad-tech years equating to dog years, and while not entirely accurate, you do tend to see more change in […]Read More

Since we first launched Beeswax’s Bidder-as-a-Service™, one of the most compelling and unique capabilities has been the ability for customers to Bring Your Own Algorithm (“BYOA”). Unlike any other DSP or programmatic buying system, with Beeswax customers have the ability to write their own algos, in whatever programming language they want, in their own AWS […]Read More

Our CEO Ari Paparo whiteboards the strategic questions that need to be answered when a marketer thinks about in-housing programmatic media buying. The full article on ExchangeWire, and the video below:Read More

We are happy to announce support for the IAB’s Ads.txt standard effective immediately. We are scanning the top 50,000 domains we see from exchanges and have already found almost 12,000 valid ads.txt files. Within the Beeswax service we are uniquely offering two different ways for our customers to implement the Ads.txt data. Like other DSPs, […]Read More

Our CEO, Ari Paparo, writes a guest column for AdExchanger highlighting some of the key questions buyers should be asking about their DSP’s SPO strategies. While DSPs are trying to cut costs and duplication, they may be doing so at the expense of reach and ROI.Read More

“Adtech outfit Beeswax has announced the purchase of the assets of the RTBkit open source bidder, with the acquirer maintaining that its new asset will continue to be supported by the open source community.”Read More

We’re happy to announce the Beeswax has acquired the assets of the RTBKit open source bidder. We have been fans of RTBKit since it was originally developed by Datacratic and the thinking behind the project influenced much of the product development at Beeswax. In fact, in the first business plan we developed and pitched to […]Read More