Since Beeswax introduced our Bidder-as-a-Service™ platform in 2015, we’ve seen a wide variety of marketers, publishers, and adtech companies jump on board with the goal of innovating and owning their own tech stack for programmatic buying. We’ve seen our customers innovate around workflow, first and third-party data, and attribution. But the most prevalent use case […]Read More

Industry Veteran to Join the Bidder-as-a-Service™ Pioneer We’re excited to welcome Matt Clark as our first vice president of partnerships. In the role, Clark will be responsible for overseeing all new and existing exchange and data partnerships, as well as managing Beeswax’s Programmatic Cloud. He will report directly to the chief executive officer, Ari Paparo. […]Read More

Big traditional media companies have serious problems these days. Declining TV viewership, fragmented digital audiences, competition with the digital giants, and an uncertain environment all add up to enormous bottom-line pressure. This is precisely why we just announced a unique partnership with Operative. The integration between Beewax’s platform and Operative’s order management system enables media companies […]Read More

One of the core problems in data engineering is defining and orchestrating scheduled ETL pipelines. While aspects of the problem are general, the dream is to choose and use a framework that does “everything but write your query.” In reality, frameworks are useful but do less than they promise.  Your team still has to do […]Read More

Today we announced a series of partnerships to bolster Beeswax’s abilities in the Connected TV (“CTV”) space. Beeswax customers have been buying CTV inventory for over a year, and we’ve seen increasing liquidity and inventory over that time. I want to step back from the hype a bit and talk about where this activity is coming […]Read More

The most sophisticated marketers know that in-housing isn’t really about programmatic buying at all. Rather, success across the programmatic channels stems from the data and insights that power these strategies. So, we sat down with Michael Katz, CEO of leading customer data platform mParticle, and Ari Paparo, CEO of Beeswax, the programmatic buying platform of […]Read More