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Published on May 18, 2022

Xander Kotsatos

Since its founding in 2016, businesses have used Beeswax to build proprietary AdTech solutions to solve a myriad of marketing challenges. Beeswax’s bespoke bidding tools, such as our Custom Data Augmenter and AI-based “Bring your own Algo” (BYOA) Bidding Agent tech, allows even the most technical organizations to use our Bidder-as-a-Service (BaaS) to build truly unique DSP executions. 

Over the last several years, Beeswax has continued to invest in making our underlying API infrastructure more accessible, providing the ability to build sophisticated integrations and enabling control, transparency, and flexibility in programmatic advertising without the need for a full-scale engineering team. With the acquisition of Beeswax by FreeWheel, a Comcast Company, we’ve taken this evolution one step further and integrated the best capabilities of the new organization to create a user-friendly DSP from Beeswax. 

Already live in-market, this new tool brings together the best of Freewheel Supply,  and Beeswax tech to create significant value for agencies, media buyers, and advertisers. Even better, the core infrastructure that underpins our new DSP product is the same that powers all customers of the Beeswax Bidder-as-a-Service, which allows our unified engineering organization to focus on developing the core technology and robust toolset that allows all of our customers to build proprietary solutions on top of the BaaS RTB Engine.  

Simultaneously, however, Beeswax and Freewheel have been investing heavily in our programmatic buy-side UI and unique agency programmatic management tools. Additionally, we’ve been completing more 3rd party data and supply integrations, with Amazon, Yahoo!, and Sharethrough going live in the last couple of months, pushing the total number of SSP integrations to more than 70. The Beeswax DSP gets the benefit of our existing partnership integrations with targeting data and fraud prevention solutions, as well as several new capabilities, such as Neustar onboarding, HUMAN fraud prevention, brand safety, and expanded CTV attribution tools. 

In addition to new 3rd party integrations, Beeswax has been heavily investing in platform tools for forecasting, trading and reporting, and insights. On the forecasting front, adding to our unique integration with Metamarkets for inventory curation, Beeswax released availability forecasting in late 2021 with a major upgrade slated for June 2022. From a setup and trading perspective, Beeswax added targeting variables to our industry-leading presets tool in December which, along with delivery modification, truly differentiates our bulk editing and ‘trader time-saving’ capabilities from other platforms. On the delivery front, we’ve added new capabilities this year for QA’ing Deal Health and demystifying the bid decision flow within the platform. And from a reporting standpoint, we now offer a fully customizable, branded dashboarding tool to allow our buyers to truly ‘in-house’ the Beeswax technology, with only a few minutes of trading or analytics work needed!  


Not a trading expert? Don’t worry. Beeswax now offers 360-degree always-on, fully-transparent managed services resources, as well as partnerships with some of the best programmatic services firms in-market. 

But beyond the core Beeswax technology that operates within the 3rd party ecosystem, we’ve undergone a year-long project to directly integrate the buy side and the sell side of Freewheel.

Add to this our brand-new Freewheel/Comcast+ TV ecosystem targeting segments and Beeswax advertisers get: 

Direct Access to both CTV and Premium video inventory - Freewheel covers 90% of the premium video inventory (properties in the screenshot below) 

Industry-leading Targeting - Comcast+ brings Comcast’s aggregated set-top box viewership data and a wide range of partners to provide better target audience identification. This enables reach management (give me households that don’t want TV), brand affinity (show me households that have seen 3-7 ads from Brand X on their TV in the last 30 days), and new creative strategic options, such as deterministic reach to top genre viewers: sports, DIY, News, etc. 

Best in class Value - With the SSP and DSP directly connected, you reduce hops in the transaction and drastically improve media efficiency, reducing latency and increasing match rates, and improved CPM predictability and forecasting. Bid-shading further enables advertisers to reduce media costs and extract the most business value from campaigns. 

Attribution & Incrementality - IP-based and 1st party attribution models, which can provide more accurate reporting and performance statistics. Ghost Bidding and experiment features that allow for flexible incrementality testing, without the cost of paying for a non-exposed control group. 

Fraud protection - because of the structure of our tech stack, we’re able to verify both sides of the transaction on Freewheel supply. 

The combination of Beeswax and Freewheel creates a best-in-class buying platform connected to industry-leading inventory access with Comcast+ providing scaled, deterministic viewer data. 

Beeswax Comcast Freewheel-min


This solution delivers real linear to CTV addressability and deterministic cross-platform buying. 

Many have known Beeswax as the BaaS company. We’re now a fully functional DSP with a new, accessible pricing model, excellent CTV supply and viewership insight, and access to all the data and partnerships you can imagine. 

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