Xander Kotsatos

By Xander Kotsatos

One year after Beeswax’s acquisition by Freewheel and Comcast, we’re on the precipice of some exciting product releases that will have major impacts on how we buy CTV. While Beeswax has always done[...] Read More

By Xander Kotsatos

Since its founding in 2016, businesses have used Beeswax to build proprietary AdTech solutions to solve a myriad of marketing challenges. Beeswax’s bespoke bidding tools, such as our Custom Data[...] Read More

By Xander Kotsatos

Bid shading is a cost-saving technology that has become increasingly commonplace alongside first-price auctions. That said, it’s still a new technology and something I’m frequently asked[...] Read More

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August 05, 2022
FAST Advertising is an Exciting New Channel for Advertisers

By The Beeswax Team

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