September Release: New Buzz API, CPC Pacing, and SKAdNetwork

Published on September 15, 2020

The Beeswax Team

Since we released the new targeting screens and Report Builder in July we’ve gotten great feedback and heard from a lot of customers who are waiting for the REST API update. Great news: This month we’re making available the first endpoints and documentation for the new “2.0” API.

Buzz 2.0 API

The first endpoints for the Buzz 2.0 API are now available. The new API has been built from the ground up to be more reliable and developer-friendly than the current version (v0.5). You can read the documentation at by navigating the “version” number in the navbar to 2.0 (see below):

The Buzz 2.0 API will be built out over the next year and will replace the current API. However, for now, only the new targeting-expressions resource is available for development. We expect the Report Builder endpoints to be released in the coming weeks. If you want to use your sandbox for development against the new targeting system, please reach out to your account manager to be enabled.

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CPC Improvements

Our CPC algorithm continues to be popular with customers. We’ve enhanced it in two important ways:

You can now use the CPC algorithm while also pacing delivery. To do this, choose the bidding strategy “CPC Goal with Pacing” on your Line Item, and then choose which pacing (“daily”, “lifetime”, etc) to apply.
You can now apply Bid Modifiers, Delivery Models, or Bid Models on top of the CPC optimization to give you better control over bidding.

IOS14 and SKAdNetwork

Despite Apple’s recent announcement to delay the IDFA opt-in policies, we are still planning to launch support for Apple’s SKAdNetwork attribution system. Our target is mid-September, and will let you know the details as soon as the feature has been properly tested and rolled out. Read more about our response to the coming iOS14 changes in VP Client Services Mike Munley’s post here.

More to come!



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