Meet Buzz 2.0

Published on July 15, 2020

The Beeswax Team



We’re proud to announce that Beeswax’s user interface and API, Buzz, is getting a major upgrade to make it more powerful, faster, and easier to use.

This month, we’ve started giving our customers access to a completely revised, more intuitive workflow for line item targeting, as well as our new Report Builder that lets them build data visualizations, deliver their data to new destinations, flexibly schedule reports, and manipulate data in more powerful ways.

These upgrades are just the beginning — and we expect to continue improving the Buzz experience over the next year with both usability improvements and major functionality enhancements. Upcoming features include bulk edit of targeting and a brand new interactive dashboard.

For API users, we will be releasing access to these new capabilities in the coming months. You can read a preview on our docs page.

We hosted a webinar showcasing these features that you can watch in the video embedded above.

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