August Release: Segment Reporting, LiveRamp, Better Targeting, and More

Published on August 04, 2020

The Beeswax Team

Last month we announced our new UI and reporting suite, Buzz 2.0. If you weren’t able to attend our training webinar, watch the video here. This month we have a number of big new features built on the new Buzz framework, and we expect this velocity of new development to continue in the future.

Report Builder: Segment Reporting and Conversion Fields

One of the most requested features for our reporting capabilities is now available in Report Builder: the Segment Report. This new report allows you to evaluate delivery and performance of your media by first- or third-party segment and to compare ROI against data costs. Read more.

We have also enhanced our performance report with the inclusion of additional conversion dimensions and measures so you can get fine-grained data to measure campaign results.

DoubleVerify Pre-Bid

We have partnered with DoubleVerify to enable pre-bid targeting against their brand safety, viewability, contextual, and fraud segments. To be enabled for these segments, please ask your Customer Success Manager. Note: We expect to launch post-campaign analysis with DV later this Summer. Read more.

Cross-Device with LiveRamp

We have extended our partnership with LiveRamp to enable you to use the deterministic LiveRamp IdentityLink™ graph to extend your audience on either a person or household level. When combined with our existing TapAd integration this gives you enormous flexibility and control over how you can bring user intelligence to bear on your campaigns. To be enabled for these segments, please ask your Customer Success Manager. Note, Cross-Device capabilities are only available in North America. Read more.

Targeting “OR” Flexibility

Building on last month’s release of Buzz 2.0, we have released a flexible targeting option that allows you to combine various targeting keys in “OR” combinations. This capability gives you more control over delivery with fewer line items.

Examples of useful targeting combinations the new “OR” functionality enables include:

  • Region OR City
  • App List OR Domain List
  • Placement OR Deal-ID

All customers using Buzz 2.0’s targeting features will have immediate access to this functionality. To try it out, scroll to the very bottom of any targeting screen. Read more.

We hope you are as excited as we are about all of these product developments, please be in touch with any feedback you may have.

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