Introducing Bid Models: Multivariate Control over Bidding

Since Beeswax introduced our Bidder-as-a-Service™ platform in 2015, we’ve seen a wide variety of marketers, publishers, and adtech companies jump on board with the goal of innovating and owning their […]Read More

We are happy to announce support for the IAB’s Ads.txt standard effective immediately. We are scanning the top 50,000 domains we see from exchanges and have already found almost 12,000 […]Read More

Find out about our recent acquisition of RTBkit on The Drum. “Adtech outfit Beeswax has announced the purchase of the assets of the RTBkit open source bidder, with the acquirer […]Read More

We’re happy to announce the Beeswax has acquired the assets of the RTBKit open source bidder. We have been fans of RTBKit since it was originally developed by Datacratic and […]Read More

If your company has a salesforce, and you sell SaaS deals of a decent size, there’s a pretty near certainty your company has a gong. Ring in the deals…GONG. OK, […]Read More


Survey Results: Impact of crisis on digital advertising

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