9 Questions You Should Ask Your DSP About Their Identity Solutions

Published on April 28, 2020

Ari Paparo

Identity solutions are currently a hot topic in ad-tech. Between the ongoing decline of third-party cookies, and the challenges in compliance with with GDPR and CCPA, there is a growing complexity and difficulty in using consumer data in digital advertising fo resolving identity.

No Demand Side Platform (DSP) has a comprehensive solution to the identity problem. But it is important that media buyers understand what tools and techniques are being made available to them when they transact around consumer data in this difficult environment. 

Here are 9 questions you should ask your DSP about their identity solutions:

  1. How does frequency capping work in an environment with fewer third party cookies?
  2. If Apple users are higher income, and more desirable to reach with advertising, will your algorithms still reach them if users don’t have cookies (on Safari) and therefore cannot be frequency capped?
  3. If I’m onboarding my first party data with LiveRamp, can I transact on the LiveRamp ID without sync-ing to the DSPs ID?
  4. When using cross-device graphs, am I paying a transparent fee? Am I using a commercially available graph or is it owned by the DSP?
  5. Some publishers are working on first-party based targeting, will your DSP be prepared for this?
  6. For custom attribution, if I need log files that include IDs, can I get those? What is the cost?
  7. If I’m on the European TCF vendor list and get consent on a request, can I access raw log files for that request?
  8. How does data targeting work in CTV environments?
  9. How does frequency capping work in CTV environments?

We encourage media buyers to continue pushing their platform partners for answers to these and other complex questions around identity and forthcoming identity solutions. The world is changing and your partners have to change with it.

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