We’ve Acquired MediaGamma, Ltd

Published on April 14, 2020

The Beeswax Team


We have some good news to report: We’ve acquired London-based MediaGamma LTD, a leading adtech AI and machine learning consultancy.

Among those joining us from their team is Shuai Yuan, PhD, our new Director of Data Science along with his team of ad-tech experts. Shuai will spearhead our expanding investment in machine learning and help build our London-based engineering team.

What the MediaGamma acquisition means for Beeswax customers

Data science and machine learning in ad-tech have never been more important. With the acquisition of MediaGamma we are doubling down on our efforts to make the Beeswax platform smarter and more effective at helping our customers reach their goals — but in the “Beeswax way,” meaning APIs, flexibility, and no black-boxes or walled gardens.

We’re excited to welcome Shuai and the MediaGamma team to our London office. Cheers!


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