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We're happy to announce the Beeswax has acquired the assets of the RTBKit open source bidder.


We have been fans of RTBKit since it was originally developed by Datacratic and the thinking behind the project influenced much of the product development at Beeswax. In fact, in the first business plan we developed and pitched to investors we described what we were doing as "Hosted and Managed RTBKit".

Fundamentally, Beeswax was created with the goal of making it easier and less costly for sophisticated buyers to deploy custom RTB technology. We do this by deploying single-tenant RTB bidders in our cloud and providing all the necessary components for making them operational, including a UI, reporting pipeline, data aggregation, third-party integrations, etc. While RTBKit offers a core bidder, it is up to the users to add these other vital components, which often entails a much greater effort than the bidder itself.

RTBKit is available under the Apache license on Github and we expect and hope that the community around it will continue development. If you have any questions about Beeswax, the future of RTBKit or how to deploy a custom RTB bidding stack, please feel free to reach out.

If your company has a salesforce, and you sell SaaS deals of a decent size, there's a pretty near certainty your company has a gong. Ring in the deals…GONG. OK, it's a little stupid but also fun. And as our company, Beeswax, started to really scale, inevitably a gong...

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Beeswax's CTO, Ram Rengaswamy recently gave a talk at the Code Driven NYC event where he went into some depth on the use of "Bloom filters" in ad tech. Given the extremely high volume of queries seen in programmatic ad tech Bloom filters are commonly used to probabilistically shed or...

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via GIPHY Almost two years ago we launched our Bidder-as-a-Service to enable sophisticated media buyers to extend and customize their own RTB bidder in the cloud. We've been astounded by the creativity and technical sophistication that our customers have brought to our platform, and we're happy to share some of...

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My latest article on AdExchanger uses a handy flowchart to illustrate the various ways to monetize first party data. If you end up in the "sell media" box, let me know and I'll hook you up with a Bidder. So You Have Unique Data?...

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