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Beeswax is proud to have been selected by the prestigious Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) as one of a small group of ad tech vendors to their ARF Innovators A-List.

Here's what they said in the announcement:

The 32 companies on Innovators A-List were selected from an application pool of 85. These companies have created scalable, disruptive solutions in the areas of measurement, attribution and user experience for the marketing and advertising industries. Each company has been vetted with the same rigor and research as the award winning papers presented at the 63rd Annual Conference.

Beeswax will be participating in a number of workshops and events sponsored by ARF, where we will talk about the benefits the Bidder-as-a-Service solution can bring to cutting-edge marketers.

Looks like some enterprising customers of ours wrote a handy node.js wrapper for the Beeswax BUZZ API. Buzz is our REST API for campaign management and reporting. Check out the beeswax-client project:

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Today we announced the completion of an $11 million "A" round funding led by RRE and the Foundry Group. You can read about it in Techcrunch. There are many people to thank for helping us achieve this milestone, but first and foremost are our amazing, innovative, and creative customers. When...

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Beeswax featured in a French article about New York-based start-ups:

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We use for our API documentation, and they've been awesome. They interviewed me about our APIs and how we've built them on their "Hello World" blog:

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