Meet Antenna: SQL Access to Log Data Enables Campaign Log Data Analysis

Published on May 31, 2020

Tyler Daelemans

We are happy to announce Antenna™, a private data warehouse for Beeswax customers built on industry-leading platform Snowflake.

Antenna gives you SQL access to raw log-level data for campaign log data analysis with no investment in infrastructure. Now you can make better, faster decisions about your programmatic advertising without expensive and time-consuming ETL and data crunching.

And it’s just the beginning: future enhancements will enable you to gain even more log data analysis insights – so you can act on data more quickly instead of waiting for results to accrue.

SQL Query Log Data Files for Analysis

With Antenna, a data analyst with basic SQL skills can quickly generate actionable insights for improving programmatic performance. We have written some simple tutorials showing how easy this can be:

Deep Integration for Snowflake Customers

Snowflake is being widely adopted by enterprises as a flexible cloud-based data warehouse. If your organization uses Snowflake, Antenna is even more powerful.

Beeswax can enable our raw log data to be permissioned into your Snowflake instance, allowing you to join raw data with your proprietary data such as web analytics, CRM data, or whatever else you choose. This integration is seamless, and can eliminate existing costly ETL processes.

Learn More about Antenna Log Data Analysis Capability

To help you learn if Antenna is right for your business we are hosting a webinar for our customers and have put together some helpful documentation:

Watch the Antenna Log Data Analysis Webinar here. 

Register here to learn more about Antenna and hear from a customer who uses it to drive more performance.

Learn How Chalice Leverages Beeswax Antenna to Translate Log-level Data into Results


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