Tyler Daelemans

Technical Product Management Professional with a background in Digital Marketing, Advertising and Product Analytics. I enjoy solving problems for a wide variety of customers, but my experience is primarily Platform-oriented, developing and commercializing APIs and Data services. I also write a lot of SQL. Skills: SQL (BigQuery, Snowflake, MySQL), Agile Project Management, Looker/LookML Development, Web Technologies (Cookies, HTTP), Scripting (Python, Airflow, Bash, JavaScript), Data Engineering, API Development, Distributed Systems, Databases, Vendor Management, GCP/AWS.

By Tyler Daelemans

We are happy to announce Antenna™, a private data warehouse for Beeswax customers built on industry-leading platform Snowflake. Read More

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August 05, 2022
FAST Advertising is an Exciting New Channel for Advertisers

By The Beeswax Team

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