Beeswax Brought Advertising Transparency to Legendary Entertainment

Published on September 27, 2017

The Beeswax Team

Adexchanger discusses how we brought advertising transparency to Legendary Entertainment.

‘Since its founding in 2000, Legendary Entertainment’s slate of 50 films has certainly lived up to its name, with a lineup that includes “The Dark Knight,” “The Hangover” trilogy and “Jurassic World.”

While these releases seem incredibly different, they all have something in common: hundreds of millions in marketing dollars, often spent within a six-week period before the release, to ensure a box office smash.’

While much of that spend goes to traditional channels for trailers and billboards, digital has become a bigger consideration. The studio built an in-house analytics unit called Legendary Applied Analytics to infuse data into its marketing strategy and enable more control and transparency over its programmatic advertising bidding strategy than typical demand-side platforms (DSPs) can provide.

“We saw a lot of challenges in terms of data and cost of advertising  transparency and lacked control over the process to [buy] programmatic advertising,” said Hana Cluff, VP of business integration at Legendary Applied Analytics. “We wanted control over our data, analytics and campaign spend.”

You can read more about how they brought advertising transparency to their ad-ops here.



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