Introducing the Beeswax Programmatic Advertising Cloud

Published on September 27, 2017

Ari Paparo

Almost two years ago we launched our Programmatic Advertising Bidder-as-a-Service to enable sophisticated media buyers to extend and customize their own RTB bidder in the cloud.

We’ve been astounded by the creativity and technical sophistication that our customers have brought to our platform as they bring their own programmatic advertising solutions to life, and we’re happy to share some of their experiences in case studies:

Inherent to adoption of our programmatic advertising solution has been the engagement of technology professionals at the customer, especially engineering and data science. Beeswax isn’t like other ad tech companies, we have APIs and even a Github repository!

Today, we’re announcing the next evolution of our solution, dubbed the Beeswax Programmatic Cloud™. We want to make our customizable and flexible programmatic advertising bidder available to all customers, including those who may not have the resources or desire to deploy their own code on top of our platform.

The programmatic advertising cloud brings deeply integrated complete solutions to the most common needs of sophisticated advertisers:

    • Metamarkets – for bid and win level data visualization
    • Cognitiv – for mobile deep learning optimization models
    • – for header bidding capabilities

With each of these programmatic advertising integrations, our unique Bidder-as-a-Service architecture allows our partners to give the complete power of their solutions to our customers without compromises.

To give one example I’m especially excited about: Metamarkets bid and win dashboards.

We’ve long partnered with Metamarkets to give inventory availability dashboards, but with this enhanced integration, we now offer our customers a complete dashboard that allows traffickers to drill down on any combination of OpenRTB variable and examine win rates, bid rates, pricing, CTR, etc.

Do you want to know how you’re performing on MoPub with rewarded video, in the Detroit DMA?  Done.

Why you’re not winning for 300x250s in mobile web where MRAID is supported?  Done.

We hope you’re as excited about these changes as we are. For current customers, this announcement opens up new ways to get more out of your Beeswax investment. For everyone else, we think this is a game-changer in programmatic.

-Ari and the Beeswax team

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