April Feature Releases: Smarter Pacing, Cookieless Frequency Capping & More

Published on April 07, 2020

The Beeswax Team

In between hours sitting at home staring out the window, we’ve been investing in some of the core technologies you need in a buying platform. This month we are announcing a number of improvements to our core pacing and frequency capping technologies that will both improve performance and continue to help bridge into the cookie-less future.

Cookieless Frequency Capping

Pacing on Flights & Local Timezones

We now offer more granular control over pacing. Each of your flights can now pace toward their own budget, and you can specify the time zone where your campaigns are going to run to ensure accurate pacing to a chosen time-of-day / day-of-week. Read more.

Cookieless Advertising

Cookieless Frequency Capping

Long live the cookie. But with the third party cookie going away, it’s more important than ever to be able to evolve alternative solutions to frequency capping. Now you can frequency cap based on IP address (good for CTV and as a fallback for mobile and web). More here.

IP Cookieless Frequency Capping

Custom ID Spaces

Operate your own supply or own your own unique ID graph? We now support all kinds of arbitrary IDs for segment matching and frequency capping. Contact us if this sounds like you.

We also delivered enhanced Native ad support, new macros, and GDPR / TCV 2.0.

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