Case Study: The Ozone Project

Published on August 25, 2020

In a world where £0.28 of every £1 spent by an advertiser actually reaches the publisher, transparency and control have never been more important in the digital advertising industry. The Ozone Project was formed to deliver maximum value for their alliance of Premium Publishers in a way that allows for total control, as well as sophisticated, customisable buying. 

When The Ozone Project first started working with Beeswax, the main objectives were to create a platform that would:  

  1. Deliver better results for Premium Publishers 
  2. Allow Publishers to share their data in a secure way without the risk of data leakage 
  3. Empower traders at The Ozone Project to make smart, dynamic campaign optimisations to deliver advertisers better performance 

After reviewing the market, The Ozone Project chose Beeswax Bidder-as-a-Service as their ad technology provider upon which they built a fully customized server-side header solution. Owning the server-side publisher integration significantly reduces the fees to third parties, coupled with Beeswax’s fixed monthly SaaS fee for ad delivery, means The Ozone Project can spend more on working media. This flat and transparent fee structure allows The Ozone Project to grow and scale without incurring larger costs synonymous with the traditional revenue share model. 

Beeswax’s single tenant architecture ensures that the Publishers can share their first-party-data securely without the risk of data leakage that comes with the traditional DSP ‘one size fits all’ approach. This allows The Ozone Project to buy against rich first-party audience segments to drive maximum performance for their advertisers. In addition to this, The Ozone Project receives log level data which provides valuable insights for real-time decision making and campaign optimizations. 

The programmatic traders within The Ozone Project Trading Team have utilised many Beeswax optimization features to deliver effective and dynamic campaigns. The use of Bid Modifiers and Delivery Models have streamlined the campaign set up process by reducing the number of line items needed to make bidding optimisations. 

Our focus at Beeswax is to provide a reliable and flexible framework upon which our customers, like The Ozone Project can build, freeing them up to focus on the logic and strategy that powers their fully customized buying platform. We are proud to work with The Ozone Project and draw on that alignment in our core principles of transparency and control throughout our partnership.

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