Paul Knegten

By Paul Knegten

By now, you may have read our eBook, Beyond the DSP: Why It’s Time For Your Own Bidder. In it, we talk about some broad categories of solutions to the problems of bidding, targeting, optimization,[...] Read More

By Paul Knegten

Thanks to our friends at Smart AdServer for organizing a great event – we were thrilled to host three panels that dug into programmatic trends and best practices with the people who make it happen[...] Read More

By Paul Knegten

  We talk a lot about how Beeswax allows you to do things a traditional Demand Side Platform (DSP) doesn’t — things like access to auction data beyond the normal win/loss stuff, data augmentors, and[...] Read More

By Paul Knegten

    Read More

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August 05, 2022
FAST Advertising is an Exciting New Channel for Advertisers

By The Beeswax Team

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