Mili Mehta

By Mili Mehta

Hear from CEO Ari Paparo, as he speaks with Business Rockstars about why he built Beeswax, the company’s trajectory for growth, and the opportunities for entrepreneurship in ad tech. Read More

By Mili Mehta

Hear from our CEO, Ari Paparo, as he discusses the continued importance of mobile and the growth of Beeswax during the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting in Phoenix. Read More

By Mili Mehta

One of the core problems in data engineering is defining and orchestrating scheduled ETL pipelines. While aspects of the problem are general, the dream is to choose and use a framework that does[...] Read More

By Mili Mehta

Today we announced the closing of a $15 million Series B funding round, led by existing investors Foundry Group and RRE, along with new investor Amasia and participation from You & Mr Jones. This is[...] Read More

By Mili Mehta

The most sophisticated marketers know that in-housing programmatic buying isn’t really about programmatic buying at all. Rather, success across the programmatic channels stems from the data and[...] Read More

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August 05, 2022
FAST Advertising is an Exciting New Channel for Advertisers

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