The secret weapon of optimization without cookies: log data

Published on September 23, 2020

By now, you may have read our eBook, Beyond the DSP: Why It’s Time For Your Own Bidder. In it, we talk about some broad categories of solutions to the problems of bidding, targeting, optimization, and attribution without cookies.

But, beyond all the theory, we once again have been schooled by our own customers who are driving the industry forward with concrete solutions to the “Cookie Apocalypse”: Enter log data-driven optimization.

What’s log data?

First, a quick recap of what log data is and how you uniquely gain access to your log data on the BaaS™ platform: 

With a shared bidder on a legacy DSP, everyone gets shared access to the same auctions. When a customer wins or loses an impression, the data about that impression is readily available to them. But what about all the other impressions that contain valuable, but non-identifiable data about your audience? With Beeswax, you get your own bidder, so you have full access to all of your data, not just the bid requests you win or lose. Legacy DSPs only offer a 1% sample of this more generalized data — rendering it mostly useless for any optimization or attribution.

Ok, so how is this data used to optimize?

Meet The Programmatic Company (TPC). They’re a buying platform powered by BaaS, delivering results to major brands worldwide. They’re one of several companies running on BaaS who use their log data to drive performance feedback loops in a cookieless, non-deterministic way. For example, TPC is able to analyze raw log data in order to identify which dimensions are correlated with lifts in performance. These dimensions could include information about the impression itself (publisher, context) or non-identifiable information about the user’s device or browser. They use these insights to feed back into a multivariate Bid Model to optimize their campaigns.

See TPC’s CEO, Bruno Vannod, talk about how they use log-level data for optimization.

Since working with Beeswax, TPC has seen a lift in performance of 25% over legacy DSPs, due in no small part to the innovation they drive in cookieless optimization.

And they’re not the only ones ahead of the curve in delivering performance in a privacy-respectful way on the BaaS platform. See this recent webinar with Beeswax and Keymantics for another example of log data-driven optimization at work. 

We’re proud to say our customers are control freaks who demand ownership and total control over their programmatic buying, and they won’t wait for innovation to come to them in a product release note from a legacy DSP. Sound like you? Let’s start the conversation about what you can do with BaaS.


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