How a Global Video SSP Developed Their Core Business

Published on October 21, 2020

As a video SSP, it is critical to provide innovative and unique value to advertisers to stay competitive and keep up with client demand in this fast-growing space. 

This video platform is focussed on developing inventive and original video formats, coupled with the bespoke behavioural data sets that make them a global player. Managing the delivery of video campaigns across this inventory may not be the main focus of this video SSP, but it is critical to their success. The engineering resource both in terms of monetary cost but equally in the time needed to maintain their tech stack was detracting from their core business. 

The main areas that this video SSP wanted to solve for were: 

  1. Reduce overall cost of a non-core area of the business 
  2. Free up engineering resource for developing new revenue generating formats
  3. Stay current and competitive in campaign delivery technology

As they saw it there were a few options open to them, but each offered its own limitations. The first and maybe the most obvious option was to partner with a commercial ad-server, however this did not allow for the campaign management team to make real-time optimations between demand sources.  

Secondly, they could have partnered with a mainstream DSP which would provide more dynamic optimisations, however the idea of paying a fixed percentage of media on their own revenue seemed illogical and costly. 

After reviewing the market, the SSP partner decided to partner with Beeswax to provide the bidding technology to power their operations team across managed service campaigns. The Beeswax REST API allowed for the automatic implementation of custom video metrics which were vital in maintaining consistent reporting when migrating away from their legacy, in-house technology. As well as sizable upgrades in the tools at each campaign managers disposal in terms of analytics and integrations. 

In addition to these benefits, the transition over to Beeswax allowed the engineering team to focus entirely on revenue generating formats and innovative developments, leaving the commodity maintenance to Beeswax. The Bidder-as-a-Service flat fee structure meant that significant cost savings were felt within just months of switching. 

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