Webinar Recap: Understanding and Navigating the Road Ahead with Efficient Ad-tech Solutions

Published on June 04, 2020

The Beeswax Team

We partnered with Beachfront and LiveRamp to deliver this webinar on how brands and media buyers should navigate the road ahead post-COVID with efficient ad-tech solutions.

Along with the video, here’s a one-page summary of key takeaways: “Five tips for navigating the road ahead,” you can download here.


Matt Clark, VP Partnerships @ Beeswax

Tyler Putterman, Director of Business Development, Addressability & ATS @ LiveRamp

Daniel Church, Director of Programmatic @ Beachfront

Learn about efficient ad-tech solutions in a Covid-19 world here:



Bliss Point Media is Activating TV Strategies for High-growth DTC Brands with Beewax

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