DoubleVerify Partners With Beeswax To Authenticate Campaign Performances

Published on August 12, 2020


DoubleVerify announced a new partnership today with bidder-as-a-service platform Beeswax.

Through the agreement, Beeswax customers can use DoubleVerify’s suite of solutions to authenticate the performance of their campaigns.

“Pre-bid targeting is critical to optimize digital media quality,” said Steven Woolway, executive vice president, business development at DoubleVerify. “Through our partnership with Beeswax, advertisers can now activate our fraud, viewability, brand safety and standard contextual targeting solutions in real-time across their campaigns.”

Beeswax BaaS customers will be able to access DoubleVerify’s Authentic Brand Safety targeting solution—backed by Semantic Science—and use it across campaigns.

Through a combination of expertise in ontology and advanced machine learning, the solution, when combined with Semantic Science, catalogues content across more than 75 safety and suitability categories.

Following this first partnership, Beeswax is expected to tap DoubleVerify’s automated integrated metrics solution to allow advertisers to monitor and optimize programmatic campaigns with DoubleVerify-measured authentication data from inside Beeswax’s UI. By allowing advertisers to access the integrated metrics solution, Beeswax’s customers can improve operational efficiency with one platform.

Ari Paparo, CEO at Beeswax, stated: “With our partnership with DoubleVerify, our customers can ensure their campaigns are running in environments that align with their brand safety and contextual needs while continuing to hit their performance metrics.”

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