Beeswax Supports Native In-App Advertising

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Beeswax is happy to announce the beta availability of native in-app ads through our Bidder-as-a-Service™ platform.

Our Chief Product Officer, Shamim Samadi, conducted a webinar to cover this exciting topic:

Download the presentation…

Watch the recorded webinar below:

Native ads are a great way to cut through the clutter and get your message to consumers on their mobile devices. According to MoPub, some buyers have seen native in-app ads increase CTR by 129% and conversions by 384% compared to other formats.

Example of an in-feed native ad from MoPub

example ad from mopub

Beeswax’s native support is focused on in-app formats offered by leading exchanges MoPub and AdX. Some highlights of the implementation:

  • Creative formats include app-install, content, and video
  • Both workflow and REST API integration
  • No changes required to tracking, targeting, reporting
  • No additional charge

If you are a current Beeswax customer and would like more information about our native support, reach out to your account manager. If you would like to learn more about Beeswax, please reach out.

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